European customers

Our current shop system does not allow a buying process for international customers.

But you can order your strap here ( - just specify your colour and if you wish to have a monogram stamped on both sides of the strap. 


Please allow a shipping time of 5-10 business days for your order.

Free shipping into all European countries.


made with love - handcrafted in germany

real leather

All our straps are made from genuine leather. Only real leather can ensure the stability and sustainbility we wish to have for our lovely cameras.

made with love

Our products are all handcrafted, no industrial machines are used from the very first production step until packaging of the final product. That is what we call "Made with Love".

100% natural

The complete production and tanning process is made with 100% natural products. 


In case you want to give your strap a personal touch - choose monogram stamping at the checkout process.